Ganja Regional Center of Ombudsman held an event on the topic of “I am ready for the defense of homeland”

Ganja Regional Center of Ombudsman held an online military patriotic event on the topic of “I am ready for the defense of homeland” with the participation of Tovuz and Agstafa City Youth and Sport Departments and active young people.  

Observing a  minute silence to pay tribute to the compatriots martyred as a result of recent provocations of the Armenian armed forces, the head of the regional center, Mr. Sabuhi Abbasov stressed in his speech that starting at noon on 12 July, 2020, the Armenian troops once again grossly violating the cease-fire regime in the  direction of Tovuz district, located in the international state border of Azerbaijan-Armenia, attempted to capture the positions of Azerbaijan using artillery. These regular attacks targeting civilian objects caused to deaths and injuries of civilians and combatants, he said.  

The participants were also informed that the Statement of the Ombudsman of 13 July, 2020, issued to aware the international community about human rights violations as a casualty of the Armenian military provocations occurred in the direction of Tovuz district of the country, particularly emphasized that Armenian armed forces even during the period of pandemic violated the cease-fire regime, which aggravated the life conditions of civilians residing in the area of conflict. 

The Azerbaijani Ombudsman, Ms. Sabina Aliyeva carried out fact-finding mission to destructed civilian dwellings and the area near to the Tovuz Central Hospital in Agdam and Dondar Gushchu villages of Tovuz district, shelled from the artillery by the Armenian armed forces, as well as to the military hospital to get familiarized with health condition of Azerbaijani military servicemen, injured because of those provocations and attacks from heavy artillery. The outcomes of the monitoring have been sent to international organizations. In the course of the monitoring in Tovuz, Agstafa and Gazakh districts, the Ombudsman visited the families of martyrs and of a civilian, killed, and conveyed her condolences to them.

S. Abbasov also stated that in this challenging time, the thousands of Azerbaijani young people voluntarily applied to enlist in the army following the country President call. The young people have shown special activity in the fight with the information warfare against opponent.  

The young people participated in the event expressed their willingness to follow the orders given by the Supreme Commander-country President.