Volunteers started to work at the Ombudsman Office

One of the strategic priorities of the national youth policy is to create favorable opportunities for young people in various fields by benefiting from their creative and innovative potential. Legal base and social environmenthas been formed, and complex, consecutive and purposeful measures are continued.  Declaration of 2020 as the Year of Volunteers by the country President IlhamAliyev with the Order dated 30 December, 2019,assume high importance.

In recent days, involving volunteers to the work of various state bodies encouraged the volunteer movement in Azerbaijan. The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan has also joined in this movement taking into account the Law of Azerbaijan on Voluntary Activity.

The Ombudsman Office invited the young people with higher education to be involved in volunteerism and they have already started their work in the Office.  Volunteers are mainly practicing in different departments and units of the Office; participating in the reception of citizens and familiarizing with correspondences addressed to various state and self-governing bodies, state officials; volunteersalsogot acquainted with the legalliterature in the library of the Office. Furthermore, they are studying national legal framework, international human rights legal acts, annual reports, Commissioner’s requests to the Constitutional Court, human rights protection mechanisms through the analyze of the applications and complaints, as well as the activity of the Ombudsman in the field of protection of the rights of vulnerable groups of population and National Preventive Mechanism.

Volunteerism is intended for two months, and those who will successfully fulfill the requirements driven from the bilateral recruitment contract will be awarded with certificates by the Ombudsman Office accordingly.