Preparatory campaign for “Cairo+25” Conference started

The Ombudsman has organized regional conferences devoted to July 11-World Population Day jointly with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with regard to launching campaign for Cairo+25 Conference.

These events were organized in Lankaran, Sheki, Ganja and Guba districts by involving surrounding 35 cities and rayons, falling under jurisdiction of four Regional Centers of the Ombudsman.

The purpose of the events was to discuss about recommendations for further improvement of the situation in our republic by taking into account National Action Program and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the preparation process for this conference.

The Ombudsman, UNFPA country representative, Members of Parliament, representatives of executive power authorities, education and healthcare departments made awareness-raising presentations regarding Cairo+25 conference. The conferences were also attended by representatives from NGOs, mass media, as well as communities, active women, entrepreneurs and youth.

In her speeches at the conferences, the Ombudsman gave information about the history of the World Population Day, which was established by United Nations Development Programme in 1989. The objective of this date was about increasing awareness of the world population on equality, health, poverty, human rights and other important issues.

The Commissioner provided broad information on purpose, mission and priorities of the Cairo Conference on Population and Development, also Cairo+5 Conference held in 1999, Hague. It was noted that the program of the Cairo Conference brought forward demographical problems, ensuring gender equality, women’s empowerment, elimination of violence against women, family issues, reproductive health and family planning, maternal and child mortality, educational and health rights, prevention of poverty, problems of all population groups, including children, youth, elderly. Actuality of these issues and their reflection in UN Millennium Development Goals, also in 2016-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) prove the great importance of that conference and its decisions.

E.Suleymanova stated that Article 12 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan enshrines that the highest objective of the state is to ensure rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen and a proper standard of living for the citizens, and it shows the strong legal basis for solution of problems of population.

Touching upon the issue of ensuring gender equality, which is among the important issues of the Cairo Conference, the Ombudsman noted that cases on economic exploitation and violence against women have decreased as a result of developing women entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized business, involving them in employment and self-employment programs supported by government. The Ombudsman institution also monitors the situation in this field.

Actions are continued for ensuring accessibility of quality healthcare services for population, regular free medical checkups on reproductive health and family planning, vaccination, prophylactic measures in protection of population health. There is also informative work maintained on reproductive health and family planning by using the positive practice on arranging community-based service in the capital and regions, including in IDP settlements.

 The Ombudsman stressed that in spite of the occupation of lands of Azerbaijan, existence of more than one million refugees and IDPs caused by Armenian aggression continuing for 30 years, Azerbaijan has become a leading country in the region, also in CIS for many indicators.

Authorized representatives from each rayon were presented a publication consisting of main purposes and mission of the Cairo Conference and a booklet on SDGs. At the end, discussions were held, questions were answered.

Participants of events thanked the Ombudsman for the organization of these events.